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Silicon Wafers
PCB/FR4 Boards
Optical Glass Plates 
Precision Dicing

We are able to process materials and substrates for many different applications. The dicing process is systematically tuned for each application to produce the highest quality results. Top side protection is available and recommended for most products.

CNC Milling

Routing & Drilling
Precision Cirlces
CNC Circle Milling

Dicing Plus can route small precise circles and irregular shapes from many materials. These materials include silicon, glass, ceramic, and aluminum oxides. Edge beveling, custom fixturing and precision drilling is also available.


Quality Assurance
Meet Specification
Photos Available 
Die Meet Specification

After singulating, die are inspected to ensure the highest cut quality is met and the die meets specification. We take pride in our work and will be sure to meet or exceed your expectations.  Part cleaning and packing services can be provided.

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