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Wafer Dicing Services

Aluminum Oxide Triangular Parts

Dicing Saw Chuck

Visual Die Inspection

After singulating, die are inspected to ensure the highest cut quality is met and the die meets specification. We take pride in our work and will be sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

  •  Quality Assurance
  •  Die Meets Specification
  •  Photos Available

Magnified Cutting Street

Protective Coating On Die

Diverse Blade And Tape Inventory

A wide selection of dicing blades and tape are kept on hand. Most common and some uncommon substrates can be processed at a moments notice. We work closely with our vendors to ensure we have the right products for your application.

  •  UV Tape
  •  Large Blade Inventory
  •  Grip Rings and Shippers
  •  Gel-Paks

Dicing Saw Blades

Assorted Dicing Blades
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